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Connect the Classroom: Funded Wi-Fi For Schools

The Connect the Classroom scheme is a government-funded program that provides funding for schools in eligible areas to upgrade their wireless network infrastructure. This funding can be used to improve the speed, reliability, and coverage of a school’s Wi-Fi network. Just some of the benefits of the Connect the Classroom scheme include: Faster and more […]

The Cloud: Your Ticket To Growth Or Your Ticket To Extinction?

The cloud is no longer the future of IT. It is the now of IT. Businesses that don’t embrace cloud computing are putting themselves at a serious disadvantage. Here are just a few of the reasons why your business will be left behind if you don’t embrace the cloud: You’ll be less competitive. Cloud-based businesses can […]

Can’t wait to integrate ChatGPT into your business processes? …actually, here’s exactly why you should wait!

You can’t escape it. It’s all over the news and social media about this sudden wave of improvements in LLM (Large Language Models) or as most people know them at the moment Chat-GPT!  Every large tech firm is rushing to integrate these technologies into their products with Microsoft launching co-pilot and Bing with Chat-GPT integration. […]

Cloud Security Assessment Checklist: Protecting Your Business in the Cloud

Just because your data is in the cloud, that doesn’t mean it’s secure. What??? I know many people believe that because they use Microsoft Azure, AWS or GCP, and big tech have their own security measures in place, that means you are safe, right? It doesn’t!! In order to protect your sensitive information and comply […]

Ignorance is not bliss. Why Are Some Businesses So Reluctant To Embrace The Cloud?

Cloud computing is the future of business. I argue that it is very much the present too. The cloud benefits organisations to become more agile, efficient, and cost-effective. But why are some companies still hesitant to join the party? Is it the cost? Is it a lack of understanding? Ok, Let’s call out the elephant […]

2022 – The Big Technology Winners & Losers

As some of you might know, once December comes around, I sit down and take a lookahead at the at the technology that I believe will shape our year. That article will be released the first week of January so watch this space… Before that though, I always think it’s a bit of fun to […]

The 7 Steps Of A Cyber Attack Chain

If you have been following our Planet IT webinar series this year (if not, why not? Catch-up HERE), we have been talking through the various critical aspects of protecting a business in 2022 from the modern cyber threats. In doing so we have referenced the 7 steps of the attack chain. This conceptual idea breaks […]

WEBINAR RECAP: Ransomware in the real world. Is your IT Department ready to be attacked?

Last week, we hosted a Webinar to ask businesses if their IT department is really ready for a ransomware attack. Over 50% of businesses will be victim of Ransomware in 2022, and the average bill to rectify an attack, considering downtime, people time, device cost, network cost, lost opportunity, ransom paid, and more… will be […]

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