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Digital Acceleration for businesses. Why 2020 was just the start

We all saw the scenes in March 2020 as lockdown across the U.K and most of Europe was announced. At a moment’s notice, businesses across the globe scrabbled to build vital communication and digital strategies that could support their business operations. This for many included the mass roll out of new digital devices, communication tools, […]

Again, big changes coming with macOS Big Sur – be careful for now

macOS Big Sur is about to release to the public and as we have highlighted across several of our blog posts in the last few months, this brings large scale changes. If you are running any of the following on your macOS device; Antivirus or Antimalware software Encryption Management software (File Vault Management) Virtualization Applications […]

Working From Home – Done Right

As we enter a second lockdown across England and the other parts of the U.K. go through their own local restrictions. It has never been more important to have the right working set up in your home office. Long gone is the “it’s only short term” justification. Working from home is here for the long […]

macOS the big change with Big Sur

About a month ago I wrote an article ” This might sound controversial, but resist that big MacOS update, for now!” In that article I warned about the changes that Apple where bringing to the operating system of macOS with the move from 10.15 to 11, one of the biggest of these is the removal of […]

The 6 Tech Trends of COVID-19

Since the start of lockdown in March, the business landscape has dramatically changed, the pull to virtual spaces, new technologies and accelerated upgrade plans. As an IT service provider we have been inundated with requests, projects and new developments, and it now seems the time to look at these changes and talk about the top trends […]

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