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Planet IT’s BackUp as a Service (BDRaaS) solution removes the stress of managing and maintaining your backup integrity and strategy. Our expert and dedicated backup team handles this responsibility, ensuring your backup and disaster recovery strategy will always deliver.

“I’m sorry, I’ve not been able to recover your data” – is every IT manager’s worst nightmare. However, best practices are often not adhered to and maintaining backup systems to the highest standards can present an enormous challenge for busy IT departments.

Key Challenges:

✅ Reporting – IT teams often lack the capacity to ensure they are reporting on their backups consistently and can often find time runs short when they least expect it

✅ Remediation – With so many warnings and alerts coming from backup systems, it can be easy to miss a critical failure

✅ Testing – Many companies will have a backup in place, but often neglect to test it. This could lead to unusable and corrupt files when needed most


So How Can We Help?

We have a saying here at Planet IT: “In Davey with Trust”. Mike Davey is our backup services manager and is responsible for ensuring client data is backed up, monitored and reliable. A job that is not for the faint hearted! Mike and his team will simply blow you away, with their level of detail and care providing complete peace of mind.

Key Benefits of the Service:

✅ Clear and Transparent Reporting – Our team will deliver clear monthly reports that demonstrate backups have been checked and tested

✅ Projected Data Growth –We will monitor and report on the rate of your data growth to help manage infrastructure and cloud support

✅ Peace of Mind – Remove the worry of not having the integrity of your backups 100% by leaving it in the hands of our experts to monitor daily

✅ Flexible Deployment – No matter how you need your backups deployed, we can tailor our solution to meet your business requirements

For a more technical overview

Download our BDRaaS Fact Sheet

Mike Davey – Back-Up Services Manager

“I’ve been introduced to many businesses with a DR strategy that systemically fails to meet their basic needs. However, with the right knowledge and TLC, we have been able to establish the cornerstone of the business continuity plans.”

As leader of our Back-Up and Disaster Recovery Team, Mike has developed and nurtured our back-up services to ensure that every customer can rely on their back-ups.

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Great service. Planet IT have worked with our internal IT team to create a reliable backup plan. They proactively monitor this and escalate any problems if needed. In addition, any ideas moving forward are always up for discussion and Planet IT is there to guide our company down the best route.

– Jordan Todd, IT Support JSP Safety

At Planet IT, we partner with selected back -up vendors to ensure that your data is protected no matter what happens. So if something occurs, your business continues to operate.

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