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Applying our experts to manage, monitor and remediate your backups

flexible IT deployment
monitoring and reporting
industry leading RTO & RPO
cyberattack protection
native failover testing
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What is included in the service?

Our BackUp as a Service (BDRaaS) solution takes away the stress of managing and maintaining your backup integrity and strategy.

✅ Initial Backup Audit – We work with you and your team to analyse exactly what you are backing up, where you are backing and we will highlight any gaps against best practice

✅ Backup Strategy – Following the audit, recommendations to improve your backup strategy will be made to ensure appropriate retention and security of your data

✅ Monitoring – Our team will monitor all backup jobs daily, alerting failures and logging for all reports

✅ Remediation – If any issues are found, our team will work to ensure they are resolved before the next scheduled job run

✅ Reporting – Backup environment is reviewed monthly with quarterly strategy meetings put in place


Our BDRaaS offering is broken down into the following 6 key components:

flexible IT deployment


✅ Hardware Agnostic Deployment – Planet IT can work with new or existing hardware systems to maximise your return

✅ Multi-Site and Cloud Ready – No matter the location, Planet IT can ensure all locations are protected to the same standard

monitoring and reporting


✅ Daily Monitoring – All backup jobs are monitored daily for completion, efficiency, and future proofing. We cut out the white noise to focus on what matters

✅ Strategy Reports – In addition to daily monitoring, our monthly and quarterly strategy reports cover capacity planning for data growth, patching, efficiency, remediation trends and much more

industry leading RTO & RPO

INDUSTRY LEADING RTO (Recovery Time Objective)

✅ Priority Planning – We will work with you to understand the most crucial workloads, prioritising recovery objectives to minimise the impact of downtime to your business

✅ Infrastructure Management – Following initial discussions, Planet IT will implement instant recovery measures to suit your business

cyberattack protection


✅ Backup Encryption – Our team can ensure your backups are encrypted end to end, in transit and at rest, adhering to the most stringent of compliance regulations

✅ Air Gapping – It is essential to ensure your backups are protected as the threat of a cyber attack is very real and relentless. We provide a physically separate and air gapped location to ensure local threats don’t impact your backups

native failover testing


✅ Integrity Checking – All backup jobs are automatically checked and verified on completion to ensure they can be relied upon when and if the worst should happen

✅ Offsite Replication – Our team can create replica servers in real time to ensure they are usable in the event of an attack

enterprise technology


✅ Best of Breed – Our in-house team review and test all backup systems we recommend to ensure the UK’s top enterprise technologies are always in place

✅ Affordable and Scalable – Our services and technologies have been selected for their affordability and scalability, in line with business growth

Service Guarantee

As a service company, we believe the performance of Planet IT should always be as good as our last 90 days. We are against tying our customers into lengthy agreements that span years and are strongly committed to offering 90 day rolling terms on every IT support contract.

Want to arrange a call?

If you would like to speak to one of our team about the services we offer then please contact [email protected] or call us on 01235 433900 and one of our team will guide you through the packages and pricing options.

Mike Davey – Back-Up Services Manager

“I’ve been introduced to many businesses with a DR strategy that systemically fails to meet their basic needs. However, with the right knowledge and TLC, we have been able to establish the cornerstone of the business continuity plans.”

As leader of our BackUp and Disaster Recovery Team, Mike has developed and nurtured our back-up services to ensure that every customer can rely on their back-ups.

JSP client

Great service. Planet IT have worked with our internal IT team to create a reliable backup plan. They proactively monitor this and escalate any problems if needed. In addition, any ideas moving forward are always up for discussion and Planet IT is there to guide our company down the best route.

– Jordan Todd, IT Support JSP Safety

At Planet IT, we partner with selected back -up vendors to ensure that your data is protected no matter what happens. So if something occurs, your business continues to operate.

Qnap Nas
AWS Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Veeam Silver Pro Partner

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