Education, Education, Education… People are the key to GDPR success


As a business trying to achieve compliance with GDPR by May is a daunting task. The sheer volume of required changes, polices, procedures and business wide adjustments can be enough to overwhelm, the best of us. Because of this I have noticed a trend , which could potentially lead to the failure of many business’s GDPR compliance projects. This comes in the form of staff awareness and training.

Many organisations have started laying the foundations of solid compliance, but are missing the key to the success of delivering this project to completion. If your staff don’t know about GDPR, what it means for their roles and how the business is adjusting to facilitate these changes, how are they expected to work in a GDPR complaint way following the implementation of your changes?

To combat this you should look to train all staff, this should take the form of formal recorded staff training with all staff required to be present. These training sessions should cover from the cleaners to the board. By taking this simple step business can not only accelerate their compliance but ensure best practice across the board.

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