Email Security – The biggest scope for an attack

email protection

There is no bigger scope for attack on your organisation than e-mail.

We all use it. We all have stacks of it. And we have all fallen for some gimmick or promise. Or not even that, spoofing, where you thought Stuart in Product Development was genuinely asking you out for dinner and so needing you to send back you phone number! Only to then get inundated with phone calls as you’ve given your number out to the bad guys. (Yes, ready meal for one coming up).

Our very own dreamboat Adrian Sweeney was spoofed recently (thankfully, we’ve done our training!)”.

There is no off switch. I wish there was. It’s my most asked about security concern, and so it should be!

Even the Mimecasts or Barracudas of this world can’t catch everything, it’s a constant game of cat and mouse, and sometimes the mouse wins!

What WILL help against this constant barrage of spam, is Email protection. (It is scary how many companies out there still don’t have ANY). And in fact, if you don’t have it, you are either crazy or bonkers. There are SO many vendors out there. Ones I like, Mimecast, Barracuda and Censornet, (less known but works well).


So you’ve got the security guards checking the e-mails, if your names not down, you’re not coming in……Well what happens if it still gets in?

Yes – This big cost you have just forked out has still let spam in. As mentioned before the mouse won….

A solution – Simulated fishing campaigns… One company name that stands out for me on this one, market leader KnowBe4.

It’s easy to use and set-up, and you can safely send simulated email phishing attacks to your staff AND if they fail, they get sent the correct training to help them not do it again.

It’s easy to keep track of who is having issues, and it helps you tailor the campaigns to better suit the business you run. This only helps you get the best from the product.

Sorry, that one went a bit salesy. But only because it’s important and we can help you. If you would like a proof of concept at no charge, or discuss how Planet can just take care of all this for you contact: [email protected]

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