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Resilient, agile and scalable infrastructure on demand

With the constant developing requirements of the modern IT landscape, having the right infrastructure to hand can be a challenge. Planet IT can give you the cloud infrastructure solution that suits your business needs, with resilient, agile and scalable access at just the right time.

At Planet IT we have every option for your business covered.

☁️ Private Cloud – Planet IT’s private cloud provides the enhanced security of a dedicated, physically isolated network, computer, and storage layers

☁️ Co-location – If you simply want to move your infrastructure to our private cloud, we can provide flexible options with all of the benefits expected from a secure and SLA backed data centre here in the UK

☁️ Public Cloud – We partner with Amazon, Google and Microsoft to provide public cloud services and can deliver significant savings coupled with the expertise you need

☁️ Hybrid Cloud – If you choose to leverage both public cloud and private cloud for applications and your overall architecture, we can ensure the two cloud models remain unique entities, bound together by standardised or proprietary technology that enables data and application portability

Choosing the right option

We can start by providing you with a FREE cloud readiness report to provide an in-depth review of business requirements and success criteria. This is followed by a total design process to align your goals with the right cloud platform solution in addition to providing you with detailed costs to help select the best solution for your business.

Once completed, we can support you in onboarding to the platform and will even provide an ongoing phone a friend support option should you ever need further help.

James Dell – Lead Technical Architect

“My team is focused on developing the right approach to cloud infrastructure and services for all the business we work with. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution, but everyone can benefit from leveraging the cloud in some areas of their business.”

At Planet IT, we partner with the best in cloud infrastructure, delivery and management to ensure that you have access to the best solutions from the best providers.

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