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We believe that our existing clients and contacts are our greatest advocates. In fact that’s where we get most of our new business from.

That’s why we’ve created this program to reward you for referring new business to us.

Saying that, we understand that referrals are built on trust and confidence, and we take our recommendations very seriously. so be confident that the people you refer to us will be in good hands.

How Does It work?

It’s simple really…

⭐️ If you’re happy with our service – tell a friend, family member or business contact.

⭐️ Let us know you’ve done it or tell them to mention that you passed on our details

⭐️ Once we finalise the new business, we’ll be in touch to arrange your reward

⭐️ Your reward can vary depending on how good your referral is. It can range from hundreds, to thousands of pounds. It could be a gift from us or a charity donation.

So, what rewards can you get?

We’re all about long-term relationships, and we believe that our referral program is a win-win for everyone involved. Here’s how much you can earn for different types of referral.

IT Support Contracts 

If your recommendation results in a new IT support client, then you get 10% of the total contract value for a 12-month agreement.

For example, If you refer a 50 employee company to a Fully Managed IT Support Contract. That will typically be worth £25,000 per year. You get a one off £2,500 reward.

Managed Cybersecurity Contracts.  

Once again, if you refer us and it results in a managed security contract, you will earn 10% of the annual contract. For example, an annual contract worth £10K will pay a one-off fee of £1K.

If a business you know gets attacked – I hope we would be on the top of your list for a red alert call anyway. But you might as well be rewarded for that too.

IT Projects and Professional Services.  

Professional Services covers a wide range of our services, everything from ad-hoc support to strategic consultancy, infrastructure upgrades to phone system upgrades.

For this, we will pay 5% of the total project value. So that means if the project is worth £50,000, you earn £2.5k!

Service Guarantee

As a service company, we believe the Planet IT performance should always be as good as our last 90 days. We are against tying our customers into lengthy agreements that span years and are strongly committed to offering 90 day rolling terms on every IT support contract.

Stephen McCrann – Helpdesk Manager

“We all need support occasionally. Even the most technically astute people in the industry.
My focus is being there precisely when IT professionals need help. In my role, I can offer high level support to customers who just need a hand from time to time, when the going gets tough.”


Having this extra support cover has not only been valuable but it has helped us to resolve issues that have had a massive impact on our organisation. The 4th line engineers are very technical, always very helpful and supportive.

– Angela Walters , Head of IT at Quaker Finance And Property

We take the hard work out of finding the right solutions for your business. Like choosing the right support partners, each selected because of the value they add to any business.

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