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Apple's formidable growth is undeniable, and as a re-seller we have seen an enormous growth in Apple products being consumed for business. We can provide the widest choice of Apple products in the UK Market and can provide pricing and stock for delivery with you next business day! We can even have custom Mac hardware based on your specific requirements.

Apple Technical Support
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Every year there are more and more companies who are demanding superior Apple technical support. Here at Planet IT we have a specific technical support team specialized in Apple products.

Why do we offer specific Apple technical support? The increase of Apple products importance in the business environment is undeniable. The brands efforts to provide excellent quality products is working really well, as they haven't stopped growing in the last decade. This dramatic growth in product revenues has meant the market are now demanding expertise – and that’s where Planet IT can help!

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There is also tremendous growth within the educational sector and we are seeing more and more schools, colleges and university’s using apple products to help them develop and change the way the classroom works.

 At Planet IT we want to provide better support for your company, but we don't want to limit you to what operating systems you feel most comfortable with. If your company DNA is using IOS and moves by MAC and IPHONES, our specialized engineer team will provide you the Apple technical support that you need with the solutions you are looking for in record time. Give us a call today and let's see how we can help.

 Do you currently have an issue? – Call us today so we can help explain how we can help on 01235 433900 and ask for a member of our Apple Technical Support Team.



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