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Application Control

Application Control

In my last article I wrote about malware-free attacks…

This time I wanted to mention something you probably already have, but just don’t know. And that can help with those types of attacks.

I work with a lot of customers who have Sophos Central. Amazing product, with so much more to it than most people realise.

Application control is one of these features that I rarely see used. Why, because initially it can cause some issues. Suddenly Jill in Marketing cannot use Adobe Illustrator anymore. And Sam in IT has 10 scripts that can no longer run. Quite often, yes there is a need for a 10-minute conversation, but maybe they really shouldn’t be using that software, or there is a better way of doing things. There can always be exceptions made if it is a tool needed for their role.

How it works; you can block all sorts of day to day programs. Or, allow applications but still detect them. As the screenshot below shows, having blocked those encryption applications would make it a little trickier for Mr Bad Guy to run an encryption program on your server. And if the software isn’t on there that you want to block, it can be added quite simply, ask us at Planet IT if you need assistance.

If you would like any further information, please get in touch. If you want to go over features that you probably aren’t using but should be please contact [email protected]

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