Lauren Carey

Meet The Planet Hero’s – Lauren Carey, Renewals Manager

LOZZA!!!!!  ?

This month’s Planet Hero is the reigning Queen at Planet IT. She has never missed out on a Planet Award, smashes targets EVERY month and never, EVER, says no to a night out.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Miss Lauren Carey ?…


Firstly Lauren,How did you end up working at Planet IT?

Luckily I joined an agency who used to work with Gav & Sean @ Planet IT and as soon as she met me she said she has found the perfect place for me where I would fit straight in, she wasn’t wrong! I’ve also followed in my Mums footsteps as she works for Microsoft and I’ve seen her progress in her role over the years, Sales was always something I wanted to get into! I love having targets to meet, the ability to overachieve and get recognised for your hard work. I’m a bit OCD when it comes to being organised so what better role for me than managing software licenses for clients?


Has the business changed much since you joined? What do you think has driven those changes?

It has changed humungous amounts! When I first joined, we were in a small office on the Harwell campus and we had around 20 employees at the time. I have been fortunate enough to watch the company grow to more than double in size! The growth/success is down to the MD’s vision and is definitely down to employing the right people. To have specialists in the products/services we sell, means we can fully support our clients. We listen and understand our customers’ needs and have evolved as a business to provide the best service to them. Praising and rewarding staff only makes them want to work harder because they feel appreciated and that’s exactly what we have at Planet, we are not just a number in a big workplace.

Planet is my second family for sure! I even accidentally called Gav, Dad once – easy mistake to make right? 😀

What has been your favourite Planet memory?

There are too many to list! So here are a few…

Firstly (work related) Planet Awards each year and I’ve been fortunate enough to win one each year I have worked at Planet. A great feeling to be recognised for your hard work.

Secondly all the Planet Christmas parties, Marbella, Barcelona, Milan, Iceland, Budapest!

Iceland, we went on the snowmobiles and rode to the top of a glacier, I have never seen anything like it – the views were spectacular! I shared a snowmobile with Mr Rob Laidler and he let me take the driver’s seat (regretfully!) Rob and I were at the start of the line with 20x Planet people behind us….next thing I’ve taken a sharp turn and ROLLED the Ski-Doo! 😀 OH and also going to see the northern lights…. Which never appeared was fun 😀

Milan was probably the best Xmas Party, I don’t think I stopped laughing the entire trip! Fave memory here was our Sales Director Ade, he began a cat walk in the middle of the club and 1 by 1 randomers started joining in, next thing the whole club is pretty much walking up and down this non-existent cat walk strutting their stuff! Late that night, when it was time to go home, also Ade (shock) went up to a parked limo who was waiting for people and paid him 50euros to take me and two other colleagues back to our apartment ….which was 2 mins away.

Furthermore, some of the incentives have been amazing, last November I went to Dubai and the bosses surprised with me a sky dive over the palm!

If I ask about your favourite parts, I have to ask about the opposite side too – what challenges do you face in your role?

The volume of work can be challenging sometimes, when one of my customers is having a technical challenge trying to respond as quickly as possible to help them ….


HRH Lozza

You talk to and deal with lots of very different types of business outside Planet IT. During this time of Covid – what business habits have you seen emerge? What has impressed you? What has shocked you?

I am really impressed how quickly business were able to adopt remote working, its now OK to meet family and pets on conference calls!!, I feel that everyone has had such ‘can do’ attitude and tried really hard to minimise covid has had on different businesses, People are busy, sometimes busier than they ever have been but everyone is really pulling together. ‘You are on mute’ – is the new strapline!  I am impressed by the determination so many customers have gone to, to simply ‘make it work’

What has shocked me – the speed of my day, time just flies and video fatigue is REAL!

What advice would you have for businesses right now?

As we move to a New world of working, continue at pace, on your digital transformational journey, accelerate this where you can. Security and Safety has to be top of mind and continue to offer support to employees to skill and up skill

Alright, since it’s you we have to ask about Man Utd. Only one question comes to mind… why??

Because they are the best. Simple.

Plus I also named my hamster Giggsy and dog Trafford, can’t really go back on that now!

Also, the fact my Uncle Paul would disown me if I supported anyone else 😀

 ?“Ole’s at the wheel, Tell me how good does it feel, We’ve got Sanchez, Paul Pogba and Fred, Marcus Rashford is Manc born and bred, The Greatest of English football, We’ve won it all, Du, du, du du, du, du, du du du”?


There’s a very fancy looking black Audi TT parked outside. That’s yours right? I take it you like to spoil yourself? 

I’m the type of person who enjoys spoiling the people around me, I get more satisfaction out of that than I do buying things for myself!

Also… Work hard, Play hard!! – maybe I was having an early mid life crisis??? Hahah  I thought I would spoil myself before I get saddled with a mortgage

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Full fat Hellman’s mayonnaise!

My E-Cig… slightly addicted

Real Housewives of Cheshire

Midnight snacking which involves a wedge of mature cheddar cheese and salt and vinegar crisps

(and copious amounts of vino)

If you were to give advice to a 14 year old you – what would it be?

Try hard at school, respect your parents, dream big, set goals have a plan and remember to have lots of fun doing it!

Also, do not panic! I didn’t know what I wanted to do at 14 years old, neither did I at 21! There is so much pressure on teenagers to decide on which career path to go down, what subjects to pick to study for GCSE’s, Uni etc. My advice is pick something you care about and that you enjoy.

P.s. Don’t spend so much time on your i-pad, x-box – go outside, get some fresh air and have fun!

If you were to give advice to a young person looking ahead at a career like yours  – what would it be?

Perhaps get a coach or mentor, someone that you know that is already in that type of career or that can provide support. Listen and coach,

I would also say push yourself and feel ok being outside your comfort zone, throw yourself in the deep end, its ok to fail fast, recover quicker and develop an appetite to learn, all of the time

Lauren Carey is our Renewals Manager. She takes care of al lour software clients licensing needs, renewals and upgrades. She is am encyclopaedia of knowledge in a real breath of software and our clients find her an invaluable resource. If you have any questions about your software licences, whether you bought it from Planet IT or not, give lauren a call – 01235 433917 or email her on [email protected]

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