The Data Protection Bill – GDPR

data protection

So you have heard about this Data Protection Bill? Or at least you have heard the media talking about this revolution to the rights of British Citizens in relation to their data.

Well fear not, the data protection bill, in short is just the U.K government taking the steps to implement their obligations in regards to turning GDPR into U.K law. All countries in the EU, have or will be doing the same.

The reason its in the media so much is for the average British citizen it would seem like a revolution, however for a data specialist or anyone who has heard the words GDPR, then it simply the same old story with a new title.

The only legislation in the Data Protection Bill that may be seen as different is that the U.K have elected to set the age of consent at 16, which is higher than some countries in the EU. However this is one of the only rules under the implementation of GDPR that the local government gets to set.

So keep calm and carry on with your GDPR compliance program.

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