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It’s not just about IT! Data Protection By Design

Implementing GDPR is not just about IT systems and making them compliant with the regulations. Data exists in many forms, however in many organisations the greatest risk of breach comes in the forms of physical data. Many businesses have overlooked the physical aspect of the GDPR, this article explores the risk presented by physical data […]

3n$rYpt!0N…Encryption under GDPR

The regulations are quite forth coming about what is needed in terms of encryption. In short, everything should be encrypted and this should be done to protect the rights and freedoms of those subject to data capture. What this means is that data should not only be encrypted when at rest (on your server/computer/tablet) but […]

The Data Protection Bill – GDPR

So you have heard about this Data Protection Bill? Or at least you have heard the media talking about this revolution to the rights of British Citizens in relation to their data. Well fear not, the data protection bill, in short is just the U.K government taking the steps to implement their obligations in regards […]

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