What is Phishing?

What is Phishing?

A phishing attack is sending emails that appear to be from trusted…
Ransomware in the real world

WEBINAR RECAP: Ransomware in the real world. Is your IT Department ready to be attacked?

Last week, we hosted a Webinar to ask businesses if their IT…
windows defender

Please don’t tell me it’s Window’s Defender!

Cyber-attacks happen and are increasing in frequency. Certain…
Education OPEX Budget

Why the move to an OPEX budget model in education might be driving your business manager up the wall

For the longest time IT in education has been on a hamster wheel…
technology trends

The tech that should shape your business in 2022

All the way back in January 2021, I wrote an article about what…
Log4J cyber security

Log4J Zero-Day Flaw – Are you are risk? And How Do you Protect Yourself?

The Log4j vulnerability is effecting everything from development…
2021 Best and Worst Technology

2021 – The Big Technology Winners & Losers

Just over a year ago, I sat down to write a technology review…
endpoint security

Why Endpoint Protection is still a key line of defence

You won't believe this. I tell a lot of business owners and IT…
Windows 11 is here

Windows 11 is here. It’s glorious but hold your horses!

Windows 11 has arrived with a fresh new look, increased speed…
Microsoft NCE changes

Webinar Recap: Microsoft New Commerce Experience – Big changes are coming!

This week, we hosted a Live Webinar where we outlined the upcoming…
Cybersecurity trends 2021

Top 5 Cybersecurity Trends So Far This Year

We are all too aware that the cybersecurity landscape is changing…
Cloud PC Windows 11

Windows 365 – Windows 11 Comes to your Browser!!

Microsoft has just announced a new “Cloud PC” product…

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