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Virtualization solutions

In 1995, Citrix introduced the world to virtualization with NT 3.5 WinFrame, an application virtualization solution. Later, they offered NT 4.0 Terminal Server, a desktop virtualization solution. As the founders of virtualization technology, Citrix is the company that many businesses recognize and trust for their virtualization solutions.

For Planet, Citrix has become the industry standard for virtualized desktop and application delivery and we have helped companies of all shapes and sizes implement Citrix solutions. There are so many benefits to considering a centralized virtual desktop implementation – so whether you’re at the early stage of considering your next steps – or need a qualified and experienced Citrix engineer to help with the installation – Planet IT are ready and waiting!

Desktop Virtualization

XenDesktop is Citrix’s desktop virtualization solution.  As an on-demand service, XenDesktop will deliver a Windows desktop to any user, anywhere.  Features include the following:

  • XenDesktop users can access their desktop and corporate applications from any PC, Mac, thin client or smart phone.
  • XenDesktop gives users a computing experience that rivals a local PC, even when using Multimedia, 3D graphics or VoIP-integrated applications.
  • Each desktop is customizable to meet the performance and security needs of individual users.
  • XenDesktop will work with your existing hypervisor, storage and Microsoft infrastructures—you don’t have to spend more money buying compatible programs.

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Application Virtualization

Virtualization Oxford

XenApp is Citrix’s application virtualization solution that allows users to directly access Windows applications from through a desktop computer or web browser.  Benefits include the following:

  • Windows applications can be accessed on devices that have non-Windows based operating systems—more than thirty operating systems are currently supported.
  • This solution requires that only one virtualized copy of an application such as Office 2010 be installed and maintained, while allowing any number of users to access and use it as if it was locally installed.
  • Applications can be streamed directly from the host server for users working on the corporate network or remotely.  Permissions can even be set up to allow users to download and access apps while offline.
  • Virtualized applications function as if they are locally installed.
  • Application delivery and access is customizable for each user and their preferred device, network and typical access location.


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