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Microsoft Teams Webinar Recap: A record attendance & your questions answered

This week, we hosted a Live Demo Webinar based all around using Microsoft Teams as a Unified Communications Platform to replace your existing phone system. We have never had more interest in the build-up for one of our webinars, and the actual event did not disappoint! We had well over 100 businesses join, many with […]

Why Microsoft Teams might be the right phone system for your modern business

The continued drive to work from home has increased the pressure on all areas of IT within business. This is clearly evident when we look at the situation in many businesses when it come to their existing telephony. Many are simply being reconfigured from the classic “on premise” approach to try and make them work for employees working from home. It may […]

Home security and why I chose the Ubiquiti Dream Machine

We all know that over the last 12 months the U.K. has moved from a office based working approach to a working from home model. This has meant a shift in approach to day to day business life. However, something that has slipped through the gap is security, and more importantly what security looks like […]

Digital Acceleration for businesses. Why 2020 was just the start

We all saw the scenes in March 2020 as lockdown across the U.K and most of Europe was announced. At a moment’s notice, businesses across the globe scrabbled to build vital communication and digital strategies that could support their business operations. This for many included the mass roll out of new digital devices, communication tools, […]

Can I get rid of my phone system and just use Microsoft Teams? Of Course!

Struggling with your phone system while your team works from home? Still using a system that struggles with the modern way of communicating, transferring calls and staying connected? Then Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams might just be the solution you are crying out for! Could it be the right solution… ask yourself these short questions… 👉 […]

Again, big changes coming with macOS Big Sur – be careful for now

macOS Big Sur is about to release to the public and as we have highlighted across several of our blog posts in the last few months, this brings large scale changes. If you are running any of the following on your macOS device; Antivirus or Antimalware software Encryption Management software (File Vault Management) Virtualization Applications […]

Working From Home – Done Right

As we enter a second lockdown across England and the other parts of the U.K. go through their own local restrictions. It has never been more important to have the right working set up in your home office. Long gone is the “it’s only short term” justification. Working from home is here for the long […]

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